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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Earth needs a voice: YOURS

Dear friend,

Earth Day? Every day from now to December is Earth Day.

Here at Greenpeace, we're pushers of a controlled substance. It's called hope. And our new "Inspiring Action" video is dizzy with it.

Watch our new video, "Inspiring Action"

When we take action against environmental crimes, we also take action against despair. And there are times when inspiring other people to take action is by far the most powerful outcome that we could hope for.

Scientists are sounding more and more alarms about the fate of the ice caps, the acidification of our oceans, the loss of our equatorial rainforests and the consequences all these things will have on low-lying countries, on our health, on our ways of raising food, and the foundations of our civilization.

There are ample reasons for despair.

But many years ago, one of our activists summed up the Greenpeace ethos: "The optimism of action is better than the pessimism of the thought."

If you agree, we want you, and 2,999,999 people like you to sign up as climate activists. Together let’s act and protect our future.

The most important meeting of the century

When the UN Climate summit convenes in Copenhagen this December, delegates there will be deciding the fate of the Earth. It's looking more and more likely they will bring us a lot of hot air, not a cooler planet.

YOU need to tell them that's not good enough.

YOU need to raise the bar on the world's expectations.

It's time to get involved. It's time to get your friends involved. It's time to get your parents or your kids involved.

Our first mission is to get the message out that we want our leaders to take personal responsibility for stopping climate change.

The first step to ensuring that the climate summit makes real decision is to make sure that real decision makers are there.

Demand key leaders go to the climate summit: sign our petition

Please send this video to your friends. Post a link in Facebook. Post it to your blog.

This Earth Day, please join us in this conspiracy of hope called Greenpeace, and inspire others to action.

Take Action

Tell world leaders to take personal responsibility for our planet's future, and attend the Copenhagen Climate Summit personally.


Greenpeace maintains its independence by refusing corporate and government donations. We rely on millions of people like you to keep us going.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You're invited to Green Cafe

What else is happening on Earth Day?

On April 22, we will be at the SM Megamall Activity Center, from 4pm until 7pm, for the Go Green campaign, organized by Magnavision.

Visit the Greenpeace exhibit and get a chance to take home a Do It Yourself Campaign kit.

Environmental videos will also be on sale.

You're invited to Green Cafe

On April 25, 2009, Greenpeace will have a special celebration of Earth Day.

Green Cafe


Join us in commemorating the 22nd anniversay of the Chernobyl disaster.

This month's Green Cafe will layout all the facts against nuclear energy.

What’s in store?

  • No to Nukes: a short talk by Francis de la Cruz of Greenpeace
  • A special screening of Discovery Channel’s Zero Hour: The Chernobyl disaster
  • No to Nukes solidarity: a candle lighting ceremony by Greenpeace members, volunteers, and friends

Where and when will it be?

  • Saturday, April 25, 2009.
  • From 4pm until 7pm.
  • Bantayog ng mga Bayani, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue.
    • Public transport: Highly accessible via public transport (jeeps, buses, Edsa Quezon Avenue MRT station)
    • Private vehicles: Easily accessible, safe and ample parking.
    • To view the map, please click here.

How to register?

  • Simply reply to this email to confirm your attendance. Kindly include the names of family and friends you’d like to take with you.
  • For questions, call Supporter Services at (02)4146512 local 102

Green Vacation tips

Green Vacation tips

Dear Greenpeace members,

Its summer time and if you like thousands of Filipino families are getting ready to escape to your favorite tourist destination, Greenpeace would like to share some green tips to make your holiday a gratifying experience.

  1. Unplug appliances at home: Save energy by switching off and unplugging all electrical appliances you before you leave your home.
  2. Reduce waste: bring your own bag when you go out, say no to plastic – straws, bags and sachets.
  3. Bottle your own water. Bring your own refillable container instead of buying plastic bottles that will go straight to a landfill when you're finished.
  4. No natural souvenirs: Do not disturb the natural ecosystem by bringing home sand, rocks or shells for decoration.
  5. Be green even if the hotel isn’t - Turn off lights and air conditioning when you leave the room.

Simple lang, save energy, reduce waste and walk more. It’s easy and it helps the planet.

Angel Aquino agrees click here will and so does Richard Gutierrez click here

This tourist awareness campaign is part of the 'Save the Climate Save Boracay' project that Greenpeace and Boracay Foundation are running with national agencies and local government to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy at resorts and hotels.


Amalie Hamoy Obusan

Beng Reyes Ong
Climate and Energy Campaigner

P.S. Pee before you fly. Apparently each airplane flush uses enough fuel to drive a car for six miles.